The future rubber production complex, with a skilled team with the relevant technical knowledge for self-sufficiency and preventing unnecessary imports, is working with the promotion of quality and the establishment of its position as a manufacturer of rubber parts.

The company believes that taking into account the demand for quality and reasonable price, it will be a step towards the satisfaction of our customers

With many years of experience, the rubber industry is proud to design and manufacture many rubber parts in accordance with the standards of the day.

The abilities of this company

Design of requested parts

Making rubber molds

Supply of rubber compounds

According to various formulations and the desired rubber base such as

Silicone – Viton – BR – CR – NBR – EPDM – SMR – RSS – SBR 

Manufacture of rubber parts

To use in various industries such as pharmaceuticals – spinning-napht – gas – petroleum and chemistry – textile – chemical – printing – cement – drilling – mines – flour – paper – melting of metals – wood – automotive and … Production


Customer satisfaction


quality of products

our customers

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